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Why Machine Learning Is ‘A Double-Edged Sword’ For Cybersecurity

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Why Machine Learning Is ‘A Double-Edged Sword’ For Cybersecurity

EPAM Systems CISO Sam Rehman discusses how machine learning can change the cybersecurity landscape for the better, but how it also comes with challenges.

Sam Rehman is chief information security officer and head of cybersecurity at EPAM Systems, an enterprise software company based in the US.

The company was founded in 1993 and has gradually built out its consultancy and software services with several acquisitions over the past number of years, most recently Emakina Group, a digital agency headquartered in Belgium.

Rehman has more than 30 years of experience in software product engineering and security. Prior to his current role, he held a number of leadership positions including head of digital engineering at Cognizant, CTO of Arxan and several engineering executive roles at Oracle’s Server Technology Group.

As the CISO and head of cybersecurity services at EPAM, Rehman is responsible for both EPAM’s security and its clients’ security. Currently, his team is expanding the company’s zero-trust initiatives.

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