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Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Combat Supply Chains Lags

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive – by Joe Vernon

Leveraging Intelligent Automation to Combat Supply Chains Lags

Retailers and CPGs faced with unprecedented shortages, delays and the impending holidays should advance the capabilities of supply chains with intelligent automation.

The omnichannels that emerged over the past 18 months have led to massive supply chain complexity, causing retailers and brands to consider many more channels, each with their own unique stock journeys. Whether it was consumers who forced corporations to change, the reverse or a combination, the current omnichannels are most likely here to stay.

Moreover, consumers' expectations are higher than ever, with speed and accuracy seen as standard and anything less is an outrage. Pair that with increased reverse logistics, return challenges and inventory issues and the supply chains of today have no choice but to get smarter. To overcome these challenges, leading retailers and consumer package goods (CPG) brands use intelligent automation (IA) to become more accurate and agile.

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