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Care About Your Customer: That Is the Best Strategy for Travel Brands in Today's and Tomorrow's New Normal

  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Retail & Consumer

What will it take for travel to come back? When will we be able to manage our discomfort with COVID-19? What will it take for the industry to create experiences consumers truly want and will and pay for? What will it mean to rebuild the necessary trust to get people back onto planes and out into the world? Consumers Unmasked: Stage 2, part of our longitudinal, international research initiative, has prompted such questions. In this episode of The Resonance Test, Jasmin Guthmann, Senior Director of Global Partner Marketing at Contentstack, and Daniel Smythe, Vice President of Retail & Hospitality Consulting for EPAM Continuum, seek some answers.

Listen as Guthmann and Smythe talk about how the travel industry needs to take customer experience seriously, the role of personalization, staycations, the importance of privacy for today’s travelers and more. Bon voyage! 


  1. Read Consumers Unmasked: Stage 2 and dig deep into the source material for this episode of The Resonance Test.
  2. Project CUE, mentioned by Guthmann, is EPAM’s and Contentstack’s practical path to omnichannel personalization, one that’s powered by best-in-class enterprise tools.