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Three Restaurant Experts Sample the Insights from Consumers Unmasked: Stage 2

Three Restaurant Experts Sample the Insights from Consumers Unmasked: Stage 2

Consumers Unmasked: Stage 2, our longitudinal report on consumer behavior, has given us plenty to talk about—and we’re making the most of the opportunity with a series of podcasts that focus on specific sectors.

In the first installment, we discuss the restaurant industry along with the report’s findings with Buck Sleeper, Head of Retail Experience Consulting in EPAM Continuum’s North American Digital Engagement Practice; Barbara Castiglia, Executive Editor of Modern Restaurant Management and host of The Main Course podcast; and Nicole France, Product Marketing Evangelist for Contentful. Much to consider here in the world of ghost kitchens, COVID-19 dining and service, the challenges of supply chains, the influx of data and the ever-evolving expectations of diners and restaurant employees alike.


  1. Read Consumers Unmasked: Stage 2 and dig deep into the source material for this episode of The Resonance Test.
  2. When not proving color commentary to our podcast, Barbara Castiglia oversees Modern Restaurant Management, a leading publication about the restaurant industry.
  3. Buck Sleeper, it turns out, is a long-time contributor to MRM.
  4. If you’re going to listen to a restaurant-related podcast, The Main Course, hosted by Castiglia, is the one to visit. No reservations required.
  5. Curious about the restaurant that Nicole France mentioned in the conversation? Read all about it, here.   


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