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Experts Weigh In: What Trends Are You Seeing and What Can We Expect to See More of in 2022?

Modern Restaurant Management Magazine

Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine asked restaurant industry insiders for their views on trends. Here are their insights.

Buck Sleeper, Director, Innovation Consulting, EPAM Continuum

  • Online-only celebrity food concepts will continue to proliferate in real time. Some not-so-hard-to-believe possibilities:
  • The meal that won on Top Chef.
  • Available, tonight only, in every city in the country.
  • Excited about the Game of Thrones reboot? Order the Westeros special for the Sunday evening premier.
  • Robots will win the kitchen wars but live in the shadows.
  • Robots will win the kitchen wars but live in the shadows. The drive for efficiency and consistency will drive all restaurants to have at least one automaton in their toolset, from cooking to cleaning to delivery. As robots take care of the busy work, employees will spend more time connecting with customers (but we’ll probably see fewer of them).
  • Intuitive technology will finally serve employees. Beautiful interfaces, touch-free interactions, and ergonomic graphics are finally coming to a back-of-house-facing screen near you to drive engagement, accuracy, and retention.

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