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From “Office Space” to “Blend Space”

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From “Office Space” to “Blend Space”

Blend Space: illustrating how experiential flow and physical-digital touch points can meet a range of needs and shopping “modes.” That’s a concept developed by EPAM Continuum, a global innovation design firm that specializes in customer experience design. EPAM Continuum’s Megan Welker, Associate Director of Innovation Consulting, spoke recently with Retail TouchPoints. “As the world continues to open up, you’re going to see the retail space transition more into an event space. During the pandemic, retail was one of the few avenues for people to go out and experience novelty and feel connection to other humans in their lives, and that really is blooming as the world reopens. Retail is still one of the only places you can go for connection and entertainment,” Welker said. Click here to read the whole Q&A, which also included Jessica Maniatis, EPAM Continuum’s Director of Innovation Consulting.

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