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Bouncing Back: Blend Space for the Next Normal in Retail

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The Drum – by Buck Sleeper and Ken Gordon

Bouncing Back: Blend Space for the Next Normal in Retail

The future of retail is Blend Space. It’s the solution for our uncertain industry. It’s a set of tools and an attitude that understands that digital and physical shopping experiences don’t need to merely overlap but harmonize. It’s about importing the mindset of a service designer into the digital world or, if you prefer, exporting the digital designer mindset into the service world. Blend Space looks to knock down the weak wall between the two.

Brick-and-mortar retail was challenged before the pandemic; and for many, it’s anybody's guess how it will evolve. Brands are wondering, and worrying, about what digital and physical experience, that hybrid shopping experience, should be. Blend Space is a way of saying: Let's step back and ask the questions about why people shop in the first place, so we have a good understanding about why people need things and why people buy things. It provides the foundation upon which we design our operating models.

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