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Q&A: Tech giant EPAM joins the Waterloo tech ecosystem

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Q&A: Tech giant EPAM joins the Waterloo tech ecosystem

Waterloo Region is no stranger to major multinational companies. We have homegrown examples like BlackBerry, OpenText and ATS Automation. We have foreign companies with major local operations like Google, SAP and Oracle NetSuite.

Now, we’re adding EPAM Systems to the fold.

EPAM is a true giant. They have 41,000+ employees, operate in 35+ countries and had $2.7 billion in revenue in 2020. They work across just about every industry – automotive, manufacturing, software, retail, healthcare, insurance and more – offering innovative technological solutions to their customers’ toughest challenges.

EPAM is a company of problem solvers, which means they fit right in with Waterloo’s culture.

What are they planning to do in Waterloo? Why did they come here? We asked Ethan Matyas, the SVP, Head of North America Delivery, at EPAM Systems for a first-hand account .

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