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Finding Career Growth by Helping Others Succeed - Hanna's Story

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Finding Career Growth by Helping Others Succeed - Hanna's Story

As a Belarusian national soccer team player in her spare time, Hanna had faced inclusion issues from an early age in this male-dominated sport. She’d also struggled with low self-esteem and decided to study psychology to try and help overcome it. This inspired her to work with diverse groups and build a career in HR — where she spent time studying abroad and gaining the vital skills needed to take that next step.

After returning to Belarus, Hanna joined the HR Business Partners team at EPAM, a global software development company. Aware that the business wanted to improve its diversity and inclusion, Hanna set about using the knowledge she had gained while attending an #IamRemarkable workshop in Belarus to become a force for change. The workshops are designed to encourage women and other underrepresented groups to celebrate their achievements and realize their potential. One area in particular that Hanna wanted to address was ‘imposter syndrome’ — her own personal fear that she lacked the skills or experience needed to be promoted, ask for a promotion, or negotiate the right salary. The workshop also helped Hanna learn that she could make a positive, company-wide, impact at EPAM. “Having experienced different cultures, I realized my role here was important,” she explains. “I wanted to help people believe in themselves, achieve more self-awareness, and get their career to the next point.” 

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