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How Parents Can Use Storytelling To Raise Financially Literate Children

Forbes – by Chris Carosa 

Does it irk you to no end seeing your kid stare at the screen for hours on end playing a pretend game? Do you think your child will live a healthier life playing a real game outdoors instead? Are you driven up the wall watching your youngster get irrationally angry at a mindless set of bits and bytes whenever the game wins?

Well, you might reconsider your view of this behavior. In fact, if you understand anything at all about jiu-jitsu, you can probably leverage this gaming inertia in a way that makes your child a lot smarter when it comes to money.

Dr. Sandra Loughlin is a learning scientist and organization change expert. As Head of the Learning Practice at EPAM Systems, Sandra is responsible for integrating EPAM’s many internal and external educational activities under one umbrella and ensuring that they reflect the latest advances from the learning sciences.

She was kind enough to answer a few questions. These are the kind of questions whose answers can pep up your dinner table/car ride conversations and, at the same time, lay the groundwork for launching your child on the path towards financial success.

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