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How EdTech Companies Should Create and Empower Lifelong Learners

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Chief Learning Officer – by Oleg Vilchinski

How EdTech Companies Should Create and Empower Lifelong Learners

Since the advent of the computer, technology capabilities have progressed rapidly, with every technological innovation building upon the previous. This exponential growth of innovations will increase the importance of ongoing learning and reskilling. Indeed, it is pivotal that people of every age and skill level prioritize such a lifestyle to avoid falling behind their peers or even the future, more tech-native generations.

Nevertheless, despite the ongoing drive for digital transformation across industries and the mounting desire from consumers for tools that can empower them to refine their skills and learn new ones, many edtech companies remain siloed and rigid. Now is the ideal time for a flexible and competent market leader to emerge and seize this opportunity, delivering personalized and lifelong educational solutions and experiences that meet the needs of a learning-hungry populace.

Facilitating continuous learning through a data-driven ecosystem

Data, IoT devices and artificial intelligence will drive the workplace of tomorrow, requiring people to have basic technological literacy to perform their roles effectively. It is pivotal that edtech companies introduce consumers to educational technology at a young age through a digital solution that can evolve with the student, accompanying learners throughout their schooling and into the professional realm. This highly personalized data-driven ecosystem, which would include apps, devices and applied learning experiences, will enable companies to meet users wherever they are in their educational journey.

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