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EPAM Named to Newsweek’s 2024 Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces

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EPAM Named to Newsweek’s 2024 Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces

EPAM has earned recognition among Newsweek’s list of Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces® for the fourth consecutive year. The list recognizes organizations that lead in terms of employee satisfaction, workplace culture and providing the tools for employees to do their best work. 

Statistics published in a 2023 Pew Research Center report found that just about half—51 percent—of respondents in a survey of U.S. workers were "highly satisfied" with their job. But when looking at more specific qualities, the survey found that fewer than half expressed high levels of satisfaction with the amount of feedback they receive from their manager and their chance to develop new skills. And only one-third were satisfied with their opportunities for promotion.

With workplace fulfillment across all aspects of a job so rare, the companies spotlighted here are each distinguished for earning high marks from their employees.

To recognize these companies, Newsweek partnered with the Best Practice Institute for the second annual Global Most Loved Workplaces® ranking, which is based on BPI's Love of Workplace Index™ analysis of employee-provided data, including information from online ratings and interviews with company officials.

The analysis considers areas like a company's level of collaboration, how workers feel about their future at the firm, the alignment between employee and employer values, the perceived amount of respect for employees and opportunities for career achievement.

Altogether, 2 million employees were surveyed and several hundred company officials were interviewed to compile a ranking of the top 100 most loved global companies. 

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