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IIITH's social incubator graduates 12 Social Startups and selects 10 Greentech Startups for the EPAM Social Impact Innovation Program

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IIITH's social incubator graduates 12 Social Startups and selects 10 Greentech Startups for the EPAM Social Impact Innovation Program

  • AIC-IIITH has selected 10 Greentech startups for the 2nd EPAM Social Impact Innovation Program [ESIIP] from the Circular Economy/Resource Solutions, Green Energy and Green Data space who are using innovation and entrepreneurship for sustainable climate action.
  • As part of EPAM Systems' efforts towards sustainable climate action and social impact, these Greentech startups will get equity-free grants of up to INR 5,00,000 and other non-financial support.
  • 7 Social Startups from AIC's 1st Cohort of EPAM Social Impact Innovation Program from the cleantech, environment tech and waste management and 5 Social Startups from AIC's 3rd Akash Acceleration program also graduated on the same day.

HYDERABAD, India, May 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- IIITH's social incubator graduates 12 Social Startups and selects 10 Greentech Startups for the EPAM Social Impact Innovation Program. While it is clear that Greentech is emerging as the next sunrise sector, an analysis by Cambridge Associates shows that Emerging Markets Greentech startups attract only 9% of total investment in the sector.

Recognizing the importance of tech and entrepreneurial innovation towards sustainable climate action and to help India achieve UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), especially Goal 13 of Climate Action, the 2nd EPAM Social Impact Innovation Program (ESIIP) is supporting Greentech Startups with a focus on Circular Economy/Resource Solutions, Green Energy: and Green Data.

Through this program, AIC-IIITH Foundation and EPAM Systems, Inc., a leading digital transformation services and product engineering company, have selected 10 Startups. The program will provide these Greentech Startups with equity-free grants of up to INR 5,00,000 and Incubation Support.

These startups were selected through a multi-stage process ending in a pitching session in front of a panel of esteemed experts including Mr. Shivam Gupta, Social entrepreneur and CEO of The Affordable Organic Store, Ms. Vyshali Sagar, Ms. Vontair Balendu Rashmi, CSR Manager - AMD, Mr. Nagesh Chukka, VP, Engineering Head, Ness Digital Engineering, Ms. Anuradha Vattem, Lead Architect at Smart City Living Lab@IIITH, Gauri Mahendra, Social Entrepreneur at Umeed, Neha Mahajan, Senior Engineering Manager, Thomson Reuters, ⁠Mohammed Asad, VP GCC Strategy, Thomson Reuters, ⁠Narayanan Ramakrishnan, Senior Director, Program Management, EPAM India, Pavan Subraveti, Product Manager, EPAM India and ⁠Srinivasa Akula, Business Analysis Team Leader, EPAM India.

EPAM has provided a COVID bridge grant to four social startups and supported seven climate Startups through AIC-IIITH. The day also saw the graduation of seven Social Startups from AIC's 1st Cohort EPAM Social Impact Innovation Program from the cleantech, environment tech and waste management and five Social Startups from AIC's 3rd Akash Acceleration program also graduated.

Congratulating the graduating startups and these efforts, Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, Director of AIC-IIITH said, "Supporting the Social Startups which are using tech innovation to tackle wicked social problems like climate change, water management, unorganized labor, agri sector and assistive technology aligns with the core mission of IIITH and its social incubator, AIC-IIITH of advancement of Information Technologies to a positive impact on society."

Till date AIC-IIITH has run 6 cohorts and supported 50+ startups with incubation support and INR 2.5+ Cr of funding. AIC-IIITH's startups are solving pressing challenges in sectors like agriculture, education, accessibility, climate and creating 450+ jobs.

The key highlights of this year's program include milestone-based grant support of up to INR 5 Lakhs, incubation support, business coaching and access to IIIT-Hyderabad's Smart City Labs.

Startups will also be able to leverage expertise and resources of Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE), IIITH's Deep-tech incubator. CIE is one of the oldest TBI in the country and has supported over 400+ startups with incubation support and INR 6+ Cr of funding.

"We're proud to support this important program, which aligns closely with our company values. We aim not just to foster social change, but also to enable startups to contribute directly to sustainability, influencing the future. We appreciate all the startups who competed and extend our congratulations to the finalists chosen for this journey. Your participation contributes to India's progress and the larger goal of a world where corporate ESG principles are intrinsic to building a better tomorrow," Kate Pretkel, VP, Special People Programs said from EPAM Systems, Inc.

The selected startups aim to deploy Green tech to help tackle various aspects of Climate crisis. These startups are:

  1. Accelo Innovation Pvt. Ltd: Designing and deploying electric vehicles with custom-geared differential engineered for commercial vehicle market and battery cooling for improved battery performance.
  2. Pro Zero Carbon: Full stack solution that offers data measurement, analysis, reporting and insights using generative AI, IoT and ML for Carbon emission and ESG reporting.
  3. Cero Smart Mobility Pvt.  Ltd: Building an enterprise class CMS platform (Charging Station Management System) to help companies manage EV Charging Infrastructure .
  4. Ambiator Pvt.  Ltd: Provides low energy and low cost cooling solutions which are environmentally-friendly.
  5. Angirus Ind Pvt Ltd: Developed technology to manufacture bricks using alternate recycled single-use, low-value plastic and industrial waste with patented technology that is fast, cost and energy-efficient and requires 80% less area than brick kilns.
  6. BioReform: Manufactures 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable & compostable GreenyBags™ made from natural materials.
  7. R Buy Smart Refill: A platform to minimize the requirement for new plastic packaging to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of the manufacturing of packages.
  8. ENERLYF: Retrofits home cooling with products that are user-friendly, saving up to 35% energy via AI Intelligent & IoT connected Solutions.
  9. Motorall: Developed motor platforms using rare earth free magnets which are 100% indigenized with their motor platforms.
  10. Unbubble: Developed plant-based protective packaging, replacing materials like plastic packaging, bubble wrap, thermocol, etc.

The Startups that are graduating have been some of the star performers who are collectively making revenue of approx INR 4+ Cr and who make social impact by supporting farmers, underprivileged women and unskilled laborers, people with disability and contributing to climate action. These Startups are:

I. From 1st ESIIP cohort 

  1. MedCuore Medical Solutions Pvt. Ltd is developing a green-indoor air purifier (completely recyclable) integrated with a smart monitor controlled by an AI-IOT app to give specific data that are much more relevant.
  2. Green Trek Research and Development Pvt. Ltd is helping reduce CO2 emissions and gasses by recycling steel waste.                                                 
  3. Greenovate Solutions Pvt. Ltd is developing carbon capture & utilization technology to help the chemical & petroleum industries meet their carbon emission reduction targets and become net-zero.                          
  4. MuddleArt Pvt. Ltd provides customized pre-consumer textile waste management solutions aimed to bridge gaps in the supply chain and integrate informal waste workers into the workforce and facilitate a circular economy.
  5. Zodhya Technologies Pvt. Ltd offers a device that reduces energy costs with ZERO operational changes using an AI-based algorithm.                                   
  6. Envoprotect LLP provides technology to harness waste to energy by recycling plastic waste generated from paper mills to build a healthier and low carbon footprint circular economy.                                                                       
  7. Panjurli Labs Pvt. Ltd is a manufacturer of commercial and residential air purifying equipment, dust collectors and a wide range of other products.

II. From the 3rd Akash Acceleration cohort

  1. Advista Technosolutions Pvt Ltd: Providing solutions for Wastewater and water treatment to various industries, encouraging them to Re-treat, Recycle and Reuse water.
  2. Daily Labour Hub: Connecting Daily Wage Workers and Contractors with Customers and/or Employers using 'Daily Labour' Digital Platform based on Skills & Location. DailyLabour App connects three different groups instantly (Workers <-> Contractors <-> Customers/Employers)
  3. Kyro Sonics Private Limited: For Clean water builds ultrasonic water purification systems.
  4. Sunqulp: SmartVest a real time speech-guided wearable assistive device for the outdoor navigation of the Blind & Visually Impaired people.
  5. Verdant Impact: A full stack animal husbandry platform that has created a smart, technology-driven livestock tracking system.

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