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A Recruiter’s Point of View: How to Succeed in Your Next Virtual Interview

Technology is driving change in every aspect of our lives, including how we job search and interact with potential employers. In today’s market conditions, virtual interviews are becoming the norm, so it’s important to be prepared. Being ready to discuss your resume is a given, but there are other variables  candidates need to think about before jumping into a video interview with a recruiter or hiring manager, like if the technology works or if there will be any background noise. We sat down with two EPAM recruiters, Jasminka and Adam, to get their advice on putting your best virtual foot forward.

Jasminka Muharemovic | Senior Recruiter at EPAM

  • Come prepared by doing your homework before the interview. Research the company and the job you’ve applied for. Make sure you know your audience, the names and titles of who you will be interviewing with, along with the duration of the interview.
  • Be prepared with what is expected of you during the interview. Will you be asked to code? If yes, make sure you have the appropriate platform to present your work.
  • Test your technology ahead of time and log in before the interview starts. Have the link to the appropriate platform on hand in case any issues arise.
  • Make sure you’re in the right environment to take the call; check the lighting and avoid unnecessary background noise.
  • Show interest, ask questions and follow up 24 hours after your interview. Always treat your virtual interviews as you would an in-person meeting.


Adam Marvill | Talent Acquisition Lead at EPAM

  • Make sure your appearance matches the message you want to put out to the hiring team. You show that you care by dressing appropriately, being kempt, positive and passionate.
  • As with all interviews, take at least ten minutes to educate yourself on recent news around this company. This ten-minute prep will make it easier to relate to the interviewer, ask better questions, and gives the hiring team the impression that you came interested and prepared.
  • A simple tip I learned years ago is that good posture during interviews generally means you will communicate more confidently and give off good body language, even virtually. Try it!
  • Pilot test your interview location and equipment at least one day in advance to make sure you have all the necessary items in place. Test your headset and camera, wi-fi connectivity and the interview platform. Ensure there’s plenty of lighting in the room regardless of the weather or time of day.
  • Make sure you have a clean interview space and ideally, no technology hiccups. Technology fails, so have a backup plan in place by sharing your cell phone number and/or providing another way to meet virtually (Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime, etc.), if needed. If you’ve lost a connection completely, contact your interview point of contact ASAP.

Interviewing virtually is just the start and with today’s ever-changing market conditions, businesses have started transitioning to remote working models that span far beyond the hiring process. Regardless of the type of business that job candidates are seeking to work with, it’s important that candidates treat virtual interviews as seriously as they treat in-person interviews – and take special care to ensure a seamless experience for both themselves and the interviewer. Best of luck!