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EPAM Hungary is Promoting Innovation and Creativity with Coolest Projects 2022

In 2021, EPAM Hungary enthusiastically sponsored Coolest Projects for the second year to inspire future Hungarian coders, engineers and creators! After receiving endless ideas and solutions showcasing innovation and creativity, there was no doubt that EPAM would sponsor the program again in 2022.

Coolest Projects,  the world’s leading technology showcase for young people, is a global initiative that EPAM has been familiar with for some years now. The essence of it is not the competition itself, but the celebration of creativity. Anyone under the age of 18 can enter a creative and innovative project, or even just an idea.  

This year EPAM Hungary received more projects than the last, with 14 teams applying across multiple categories.   The “absolute favorite” title was awarded to three students and their “Robodoki” project. The goal was to create a robot assistant for doctors to help ease the anxiety of children.  Utilizing the “Robodoki,” less communicative children have the opportunity to express where they experience pain and on what level. 

Watch a short video about the Robodoki here (in Hungarian). 

Another remarkable project came from the group “Titans” who developed an AI-powered chessboard.  The chess pieces were created using a 3D printer from biodegradable plastic and fused with a magnet to the bottom to help move across the board.  A light panel indicates whether the player or the board is up, and it also signals when a move is invalid. The board primarily runs with Java, but the team used a variety of technologies and tools.

Learn how the chess board works in a short video here (in Hungarian). 

EPAM has advocated for innovative and hands-on education initiatives for many years. The eKids programs, for example, introduce children to the beauty of programming and informatics from an early age through programming courses, workshops, national competitions and career orientation lectures year-round.

During the ceremonial closing of Coolest Projects 2022, celebrating a successful season of eKids programs, EPAM Hungary organized an eventful children’s day centered around STEM education and fun. Everyone had a blast - kids and adults alike!

Congratulations to everyone who participated in our eKids initiatives. We’re looking forward to more Coolest Projects next year!