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EPAM’s Inaugural Emerging Engineers Academy Program in Singapore

At the end of July, our inaugural Emerging Engineers Academy (EEA) at EPAM Singapore came to a close, and our program pioneers graduated from their intensive 12-week boot camp. At the boot camp, these 10 technologists learned practical skills through lessons and projects that will prepare them for their future careers.

While the pandemic made it so almost all training, discussions and group work had to be held remotely, the members successfully collaborated virtually to complete their capstone group projects, which were a major part of the program. In this series, our EEA members share their accomplishments and even give an inside look into these projects that were developed for clients…

At EPAM, people are the source of our success, so learning and development is core to our business. As part of our commitment to continuously providing growth opportunities, we work with over 200 learning and assessment experts across the globe and partner with more than 900 subject matter experts at EPAM.

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