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Myth or Truth? All You Need to Know About the Hiring Process at EPAM

Olga Kudriashova is a Talent Acquisition Manager at EPAM Czech Republic and Slovakia. In hiring some of the most talented people for EPAM over the past ten years, Olga has asked a lot of questions to potential EPAMers! However, today we turn the tables and Olga answers our questions as we get to the bottom of some common hiring myths.

Let’s find out if these ‘Myth’ or ‘Truth’:

  1. There’s no need to prepare for a job interview.
  2. The interview process at EPAM is quick and simple.
  3. First impressions are lasting ones, and you can’t change them.
  4. If you are an ideal candidate, you know the answer to every question at a technical interview.
  5. It’s the job you are hired for, not the company.

To find out the answers, read more here