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Paddle for the Rivers: EPAMers Kayak to Collect Litter in Waterways

To help reduce pollution, EPAMers kayaked throughout Polish rivers and ponds to collect waste and raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. The “Paddle for the Rivers” campaign, organized by EPAM Poland, took place in several cities, including Krakow, Gdansk and Warsaw in August and September.

More than 120 EPAMers removed approximately 200 kilograms of litter from the rivers and shores—common finds include cans and cigarette butts. The waste also included a door, a lawn mower and even a car bumper! In Krakow and Warsaw, volunteers cleaned the Vistula, and in Gdansk, the Motlawa canals. 

It's not just about waste

Although collecting litter was the main activity during the EPAM-organized event, the educational aspect of the action was also important. Kayaking trips were accompanied by workshops on marine litter and microplastics in the water and environmental experts pointed out how important it is to collect and properly dispose of your litter while relaxing in nature, as well as how to segregate waste at home. A canoeing instructor also conducted a water safety training.

“Taking care of the environment should become a part of everyone's life to help ensure a promising future for the next generations,” said Radoslaw Swieton, Head of People at EPAM Poland. “For this reason, it is so important to remind everyone that the sum of our little gestures can have a big effect on nature. Saving energy and water, segregating waste or using reusable bags - these are the basic activities that each of us can perform, thus shaping positive habits in everyday life.” 

Together, we help improve the world

EPAM’s commitment to corporate social responsibility is aimed at providing educational opportunities and improving the quality of life for children and adults in partnership with local and national organizations.

In Poland, EPAM gives back by supporting numerous organizations including the following:

  • The “Do planting” initiative, which planted almost 90,000 trees in the Lipusz Forest District in 2021 alone.
  • The Poland Business Run to help raise support for people with disabilities.
  • The Czysta Polska Association to take further action in protecting the environment.
  • The Hack4Change hackathon to support the creation of technologically advanced projects that improve quality of life in local communities.

Learn more about EPAM’s CSR initiatives here.

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