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Zed 2021: EPAM’s Largest Virtual Conference

Anastasia Smolskaya

Marketing Project Manager
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EPAM’s 2021 Zed Conference is a global, virtual conference powered by EPAM. Zed brings a true understanding of the critical topics in technology, organizational change and education to our partners, customers, teams and communities.

This year’s conference theme is Compass. Over the past year, EPAM, together with the whole world, has been navigating through a complex environment of business, political, social and health challenges. These challenges present an even greater need for people and organizations to adapt and put themselves on the right course to successfully navigate the landscapes of disruption and opportunity.

This year’s theme encourages everyone from EPAM’s diverse, global networks and communities to search out insights and connections that help us to align our personal compass with our company strategy for navigating and capturing unlimited opportunities for growth.

In 2021, Zed Conference united nearly 20,000 people as they listened to 578 talks from 574 speakers. All talks are available on-demand and to make it easier to find content relevant to a particular subject or industry. The debut of collections from We Are Community provides an opportunity for listeners to customize their Zed experience with playlists that can be created for quick access to the most interesting conference talks.

Curated collections of talks have also been created, spotlighting topics like our technology practice, Learning Week 2021 and API and Integration. Zed 2021 features great content from some of our leading competency experts at EPAM. Following are some talk highlights you might want to begin your journey through Zed Conference 2021 with:

EPAM Continuum: Beyond Advice, to Impact

EPAM Continuum is our integrated consulting brand that connects consulting with engineering, design, operations management and tech optimization. Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer Elaina Shekhter, and Global Head of Business and Strategy Consulting Frank Burkitt, sat down to discuss the brand and its future. Let’s see more from Elaina and Frank about the brand, why it was created and where we go from here.

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GitHub Copilot: Your AI Pair Programmer

Zed guest speaker Ryan J. Salva, vice president of Product at GitHub, presented AI-based GitHub Copilot code assistant that synthesizes code based on editor context to auto-generate tests, convert comments to code, autocomplete repetitive tasks and fill-in the gaps for unfamiliar codebases. Watch Ryan give a live demo during his talk where he creates a translation of a text from Italian into English using coding languages that he does not know.

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Cyber Self-Defense: A Few Moves We Can All Use

2021 has seen many important developments in building out our cybersecurity business. Our Chief Information Security Officer Sam Rehman is not only a world-renowned security expert but also a martial arts enthusiast—two things he often compares for their similarities. Listen to Sam talk about the fast-changing nature of cybersecurity and his tips for self-defense and customer success.

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The Road to the Cloud

Cloud is an important part of EPAM’s business strategy and one of its objectives and key results (OKRs). EPAM cloud leaders Miha Kralj and Dmitry Tikhomirov discuss EPAM's opportunities in the cloud space and how the company is positioned for growth. They discuss a number of cloud-related questions with a group of lead EPAM technologists in cloud.

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Demystifying ESG: Shifting from CSR to ESG and its Impact on Value Creation and Business Strategy

Over the last year, we've seen a greater emphasis on environmental, social and governance activity (known as ESG), pushed by investors, customers and cultural shifts. There are many industry views on why ESG is essential for companies, how ESG has changed and what each company has done to monitor and manage the evolving ESG landscape. EPAM’s Larry Solomon and Shamilka Samarasinha sat down with panelists Pete Rau from Ecovadis and Sam Khola for Liberty Global to discuss how they have responded to the increased focus on ESG over the past year, and how they’ve enhanced their knowledge surrounding ESG priorities.

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Yin and Yang of Anywhere

EPAM Anywhere are the tools we use to attract, enable and develop new talent in an ever-changing world that has embraced fully remote work. As we have been since our beginning, with this initiative we are working to find innovative solutions to the problems that have taken on new meaning as the world grows and changes. EPAM’s Pavel Veller discusses the new ecosystem of products and services being developed within EPAM Anywhere, and how it is built. 

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