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CBDCs: The Future of Finance and the Roadmap to Transformation | EPAM

Central banking digital currencies (CBDCs) are poised to revolutionize financial services through their potential for ground-breaking transformation.

Industry leaders Alistair Brown, Michael Nelhams and Clare Pearson from EPAM delve into the world of CBDCs and their profound implications for the finance industry in this three-part interview with FinTech Alliance.

Discover how CBDCs can empower individuals worldwide and drive financial inclusion for those previously underserved. With a boundless reach, CBDCs could transform the way we manage money and foster positive change on a global scale. However, unlocking the potential of CBDCs won’t be without its challenges.

From cash management and cross-border payments to product development and risk management, the integration of CBDCs requires careful consideration across various domains. CBDCs necessitate shifts in technological infrastructure, accounting practices, regulatory provisions and risk assessment, demanding adaptability and resiliency from financial institutions.

Join us as we explore the multifaceted dimensions of CBDCs in this three-part interview series – from regulatory frameworks to consumer perspectives. We explore the potential impacts on payment management, the evolving landscape of treasury operations and the delicate balance between innovation and regulatory compliance.

As we unravel these intricate details, we call upon policymakers, financial institutions and industry enthusiasts to actively participate in shaping the future of digital currencies.

Paving the Way for CBDC Adoption: Strategic Roadmaps and the Future of Payment Management

Exploring the Regulatory Landscape of CBDCs: Feasibility, Implications and Challenges

Advancing Central Banking Digital Currencies: Expertise, Exploration and Education

For a deep-dive into the world of CBDCs, their profound implications for the industry and what they mean for you, pre-register your interest in our webinar later this year and watch EPAM’s Open Banking and Payments experts extend this essential conversation.

Are you ready to embrace this transformative journey and become an architect of change in this new era of finance? Contact us today at [email protected] to kick-start your roadmap to transformation.



The Future of Money
On the 6th of February
at 15:00 BST (UTC +1)