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EngX 360

Improving the performance and
culture of engineering organizations


Are you facing delivery challenges including slow response to change, shifting timelines, cost or quality?

Are you interested in having full transparency into your operations and knowing exactly what impacts your time-to-value?

Do you want to move away from being project-centric and shift to a product-based adaptive operating model?

Are you struggling to get tangible outcomes in your Agile / DevOps transformation?

Are you facing alignment issues between engineering, product management and business?

EngX 360 can help.

EngX 360 Transformation Framework

We approach transformation holistically, exploring all aspects of software development and modeling value streams across different functions and departments. Through EngX 360, we experiment and research new approaches that help you optimize your delivery pipeline and time-to-value. We offer three interrelated services:


Transformation Consulting

Redefining the operating model

We assess and visualize your current state, and then redefine and implement a modern, adaptive operating model.

Continuous Improvement

Changing the culture  

We improve the maturity of your engineering culture across all delivery teams throughout your organization, while educating people (and having fun along the way). 

Agile Consulting & Coaching

Bringing everything together

We align your ecosystem through consistent implementation of Agile principles, values and frameworks, and help you implement new ways of working with Agile organizational change management.

Why EngX 360?


Our consulting services stem from our hands-on delivery experience. We started as “developers’ developers” in 1993, developing software engineering solutions for some of the world’s largest independent software vendors. We’ve learned from the best and helped them improve.  

EngX 360 brings together EPAM’s best-in-class expertise in development, continuous testing, DevOps, security, enterprise architecture and agile transformation management.

Let’s Get Started Today

No matter how big or small your team is or where you are along your transformation journey, we can help you implement:

KPIs & Metrics Pyramid
Optimized Delivery Pipelines
Feature Teams & Communities
Servant Leadership
Best Engineering Practices
Rigorous Agile Frameworks
Aligned Ecosystem

Contact us to learn how we can work together, helping you transform your culture and the improve the performance of your organization.

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