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Forrester Now Tech: AI Consultancies, Q4 2018

Analyst Report

Deploying AI is unlike any other technology or analytic capability. AI requires a wider set of expertise, new development and maintenance practices, and a high degree of matrixed orchestration, both technically and operationally. It’s no wonder that AI technology implementations have remained flat in the past two years or results are still to be determined. In a recent report, Forrester highlights that working with AI Consultancies helps de-risk AI endeavors and significantly improves the successful deployment of AI programs.

We invite you to use the latest Forrester Now Tech: AI Consultancies, Q4 2018 report to better understand the value you can expect from working with an AI consultancy, as well as the capabilities required such as strategy and design, data science resources and digital transformation and data support. Forrester outlines best practices in defining the right AI success metrics, setting investment expectation, piloting results, and how to gain an outside-in perspective to overcome AI Challenges.

If you want to learn more about how to approach AI deployments, understand the current AI consultancy landscape and explore EPAM’s breadth of AI capabilities, download a complimentary copy of this report.

Download a copy of the report on to learn more.

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