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Forrester Now Tech: Digital Experience Agencies, Q2 2019

Analyst Report

In the digital realm, where the fulfillment of a customers' every need is within reach for all retailers, you need to differentiate your brand experience. Since digital engagement is ubiquitous, delivering great customer experiences has never been harder to achieve. In fact, Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) showed flat or declining scores for the third consecutive year in 2018, as all experiences answer the same customer needs with the same common technology platforms.

To truly differentiate, companies need to make digital and physical experiences as emotionally powerful as brand communication. For many, this means engaging with an agency who can "bring creative pizazz to the total brand experience." But how do you choose the agency that is best for your organization? Now, the principle focus revolves around creative, unique experiences that a digital provider should be able to support through key consulting categories of customer research and marketing. When choosing a digital experience agency, you must consider culture, market presence and capabilities to ensure a fully integrated team.

In the Forrester Now Tech: Digital Experience Agencies, Q2 2019 report, Ted Schadler explores how digital experience agencies are helping businesses deliver creative digital journeys.

Forrester provides an analysis of the primary service segments, capabilities and regions of digital experience agencies, as well as how to select the partner that best meets your unique needs. Download a copy of the report on to learn more. 

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