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Driving Innovation into EPAM Garage


EPAM is doing something big to bring innovation to life — and it just happens to be in a garage. This new, spacious, hi-tech lab offers high ceilings, numerous work stations, and special sites, making it well-suited for the brainstorming, experimentation, and invention necessary for the EPAM team to pursue the best solution for every client.

Located in one of EPAM’s offices in Minsk, the garage is an ideal dedicated space for EPAM’s R&D specialists to generate creative ideas for improving products and services that help customers gain and maintain their edge in their respective industries. Aliaksei Kutsevol, Head of R&D Lab at EPAM, says: “It is big enough for all of our experiments, and has plenty of room for brainstorming with all the team members.”

Thus far the space is proving its worth: The first project the team designed was a greenhouse, which won an Oracle award. Currently, developers are busy working on a new robot, as well as other ground-breaking ideas, including plans to create a drone.

One of the most impressive pieces of equipment in the garage is easy to spot: A huge 3D printer that is programmable to print objects of any shape. During one test run, the team created a bracelet that measures stress level, an invention about which the R&D team is justifiably proud.

The garage is a busy place — and not just because of all the innovation, testing, and thinking that happens there. Guests can range from EPAM’s developers, coders, and engineers, to top management, important clients, and ordinary students. The latest visitors included kids - members of the robotics club, who explored the space and then spent time assembling complicated LEGO pieces and programming their own inventions.

Recently, one of EPAM’s top clients visited the Garage. The R&D team worked hard to showcase the advantages of the new workshop: They welcomed the guests, shared the details of their work, and explained why a separate, modern garage is important to help customers successfully meet their business needs. The clients were impressed, finding the tour well worth their time and attention.

The best way to understand the significance of this creative new work space is to visit it in person. The EPAM Team enjoys nothing more than giving an up-close-and-personal glimpse into what it does best. Welcome to the garage.

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