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The Future Four: Four Ways That Big Data Will Transform Healthcare

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Over the next three years, we will experience a dramatic shift toward data-driven decision making, as the healthcare industry embraces technologies that enable deep insights.



The future of patient care depends on improving prevention, treatment, and outcomes via the analysis of a steady stream of data from accountable care organizations (ACOs), research institutions, insurance companies, hospital electronic medical records (EMRs) and personal health data deviсes, including wearable and implantable devices. On an individual level, a steady stream of patient data will allow physicians to make accurate and personalized recommendations. On a grander level, physicians will be able to analyze trends and therefore improve overall population health. Studies have shown that a greater amount of health data leads to a decrease in patient mortality.



Patients are consumers first. They expect an efficient user experience that allows them quick and easy access to important information. Tapping into big data to personalize the patient experience allows organizations to deliver world-class care that anticipates member and patient needs.



As clinical care moves more and more toward value- and team-based models, data analysis becomes a key element in understanding the various factors at play in a patient’s treatment and recovery. Evidence-based medicine becomes more prevalent as big data systems comb through the huge amount of health information available to payers and providers.



Operational and financial management decisions will rely on real data in real time. These data points come from disparate sources of both structured and unstructured data, making the right infrastructure a necessity to deliver the right insights quickly and accurately.


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