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Prepping for Success: A Look Inside EPAM’s University Program (Part 2)


Throughout the past 10 years, EPAM’s University Program has equipped over 12,500 students across 35 partner universities in four countries with relevant training for the global IT sector. In the second installment of this series, we’re featuring a current student and three former students who were recently hired at EPAM – Artem Akeev and Iuliia Baturina from Russia, as well as Nadiia Boiko and Vladyslav Kysil from Ukraine. Let’s dive in and see what these students have to say about their experience gaining the industry skills needed to jumpstart their career…

Why did you choose to study computer science?

Artem: I wanted to try something new and this program sounded like a great opportunity. I’ve always loved math and logic, and I decided to study computer science because I can grow in both directions.

Iuliia: I chose computer science because I’ve always been interested in internet technologies. For example, when I surf the internet and look at certain websites, I often think about how it was developed.  So my reason is really a question: ‘How is the system operating on the other side?’

Nadiia: I always liked the concept of creating something useful from scratch using only my knowledge and experience. Computer science gives me this opportunity.

Vladyslav: Because computers are a big part of my everyday life.

What specific area in the tech industry are/were you studying and why are/were you interested in it?

Artem: I study testing because I enjoy learning about how things work and the interrelationships between different elements. Also, I can identify weaknesses of something and suggest how to make it stronger.

Iuliia: At the moment I’m interested in internet technologies, such as developing a site or web application for users, or creating an easy system with an intuitive interface for users.

Nadiia: Currently, I’m studying web development. It’s an interesting subject because I would like to be involved in developing complex systems that will be used by a large number of people.

Vladyslav: I study web application and cloud computing. You can run this type of software on any computer that you have (smartphone, tablet, desktop, etc.). I believe that in the near future, all applications will be hosted on the web.

How would/will you apply the skills you learned in the University Program after graduation?

Artem: I’d like to have some experience in functional testing. I’m going to continue learning so that I can develop my skills in areas of testing that were previously too challenging for me.

Iuliia: I learned basic skills and knowledge, so I think there is no way to forget or to be out of practice because I will use this information every day.

Vladyslav: I would like to use my new skills on EPAM production projects.

What are some challenges for people interested in starting a career in the tech industry?

Artem: You should be ready for the fact that you need to change not only your point of view for certain things, but also your approach to evaluation itself.

Iuliia: You will face a wealth of unstructured information and limited time, and your concentration and ability to stay calm under pressure will be tested.

Nadiia: The main challenge is being prepared for changes that happen fast and often, and to be ready to learn something new.

Vladyslav: Keeping your patience.

What advice would you give to aspiring technologists?

Artem: Don’t be afraid of changes. There’s no place for conservatism in this industry.

Iuliia: I would say: Thinking that you have time is silly, as time is a limited resource – don’t forget it! Always remember your goal and try to reach it.

Nadiia: Don’t give up, even if the amount of information seems overwhelming.

Vladyslav: Keep learning and practicing.

Get ready for more interviews from former University Program students in the final installment of our EPAM University Program interview series, coming soon!

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