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Career Tips for Technologists From EPAM’s John Campagnino

John Campagnino

Senior Director, North American Talent Acquisition, EPAM

We sat down with John Campagnino, Senior Director, North American Talent Acquisition, to talk about his career tips for technology professionals. Here’s what he had to say.

John, please tell us what websites or social media channels EPAM’s Talent Acquisition team uses when searching for candidates?

EPAM leverages a variety of social media channels (i.e. Facebook and Twitter) and websites (i.e. Meetup and GitHub) to source candidates and connect through LinkedIn. The best way to get our attention is to connect with an EPAM employee through LinkedIn and ask to be referred - EPAMers have over 2.3 million first-degree LinkedIn connections and you’re probably one of them! If you’re interested in joining our team, reach out to an EPAM employee and ask them to refer you.

What education and/or skills should candidates highlight the most? Do you value recommendations?

Our teams of technologists, strategists, and designers transform our customers’ business through a combination of engineering expertise, design thinking and business consulting. Since engineering is in our DNA, we first and foremost look for talented engineers. While being a great engineer is important, we also seek candidates who are hungry, humble and smart. What does that mean to EPAM? When you’re hungry, you go above and beyond your normal responsibilities, you persistently achieve results, and you sometimes have to sacrifice to get things done. When you’re humble, you handle difficult situations and challenges with professionalism and you are a team player. When you’re smart, you hold yourself accountable and you’re self-aware.

We look for the education and capabilities best aligned to the industries we do business in (Financial Services, Media & Business Information Services, Retail & Distribution, Software & Hi-Tech, Travel & Hospitality, Life Sciences & Healthcare, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing & Auto, Insurance). We also look for skilled technologists with experience in Java, JavaScript, .NET, DevOps, C++, Solution Architecture, Consulting and Account Management. Recommendations are still an important way for us to know what you’re really good at!

Are resumes still important or is a LinkedIn profile more important? Or, are they both a high priority?

At EPAM, we value the individual and act with integrity. Therefore, one of the most important things we look for when reviewing candidates is that your resume and LinkedIn profile are aligned, accurate and up-to-date. Both are the same priority. Be sure to include your accomplishments, certificates and published articles on your LinkedIn profile – we love to share your successes with our hiring managers!

Where are the best places to learn about EPAM and what it's like to work here?

As a publicly traded company of over 25,000 people and one of Forbes’ 25 Fastest Growing Tech Companies, there’s plenty of information about EPAM out there. Visit our Careers section regularly, chat with our recruiters and engineers at meetups and EPAM-hosted industry events, and follow EPAM on social media to stay updated.

Most importantly, connect with our EPAMers on LinkedIn! Our people are your best way of understanding what EPAM is all about.

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