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"I’d like to Focus on the Positive Valence Stuff"

The Resonance Test 41: David Rose

Toby Bottorf

VP, Service and Experience Design, EPAM Continuum

Ken Gordon

Principal Communications Specialist, EPAM Continuum
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Retail & Consumer

What happens when a renowned futurist joins EPAM Continuum? Here’s what happens: things get interesting. You feel this immediately by listening to a just-recorded conversation between our new colleague, David Rose—author of Enchanted Objects, former MIT Media Lab savant and Warby Parkerite—and our less-new but equally articulate colleague, Toby Bottorf. What’s special about Rose? It’s not just his informed outlook on augmented reality (“The new term is ‘spatial computing,’”) or his colorful experiences in tech and business. Yes, Rose casually deploys a variety of interesting words in conversation—“the topology of your face,” “pupillary distance,” “e-com funnel,” “a Louis XV gold sapphire brooch,” “vomiting rainbows on the plane of your face” and “pre-attentive processing”—but that’s not it either. It is the multiple possibilities Rose’s optimistic imagination brings to our work. “I tend to think that there are more journalists, whistle-blowers, and people who are willing to be alarmist in the world, rather than people who are trying to create the desirable future states,” he says. “And so I’d like to focus on the positive valence stuff.” We’re with him! Listen up, and you just might be, too.

Host: Pete Chapin
Editor: Kyp Pilalas
Producer: Ken Gordon

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