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Personalization in Banking with Liz High and Alex Jimenez

Personalization in Banking with Liz High and Alex Jimenez

Prepare yourself for the first episode of #TakeItToTheBank, our new series of financial services conversations on Silo Busting. Liz High, co-author of Think like a Brand, Not a Bank: 5 Practical Strategies to Unlock Innovation, Connect with Customers, and Grow, and Alex Jimenez, Managing Principal, Financial Services Consulting at EPAM, focus on the principle of personalization.

Together they talk about what banks say, what they do, and what they should do, when designing personalized experiences for their customers.

Jimenez notes that even when banks go to market with a customer-first message, “ROI is always going to come first, despite the mission being all about the customer or all about the member.”

Together they talk about using data to project forward and into the back office, niche banking, community banking, fintech, charters and more.

Listen closely, and your attention will surely be repaid with useful insight.


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