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It’s Alive! Avoiding the Frankenstein Syndrome in Enterprise IT

Mark Neft

Senior Director, Technology Solutions, EPAM United States
White Paper

Despite Victor Frankenstein’s months of careful planning to build his creature, it still became a monster. In the world of enterprise IT, even though stakeholders from across the business have the best intentions, a similar Frankenstein Syndrome is happening when it comes to legacy application modernization. Indeed, the pursuit of cost savings and best-in-class solutions has led some enterprises to build their own monsters comprised of many moving parts that, like it or not, just don’t fit together.

This phenomenon begs the questions of whether or not enterprises know what they already have with their legacy applications and, specifically, those that run on the mainframe. With worldwide spending on enterprise application software predicted to grow from $149.9 billion in 2015 to $201 billion in 2019, businesses need to modernize their legacy enterprise applications with a holistic, big-picture approach to ensure they’re not building a Frankenstein’s monster that will be difficult to maintain in the future.

With the expected growth in enterprise application spending, there are many potentially unforeseen risks associated with achieving enterprise IT excellence. This white paper will show how many of these risks can be mitigated by understanding the implications to the organization from four perspectives: Network, Operations & Management, Development Platforms and Business Continuity. By exploring these perspectives, we can become more aware of the big picture and avoid building our own enterprise IT version of Frankenstein’s monster.

Ready to dive in? Download the white paper to learn how the mainframe can help your enterprise avoid creating a Frankenstein’s monster of mish-mashed technologies.

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