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Delivering Next-Generation Digital Platforms that Drive Customer Engagement

White Paper
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With businesses competing to offer the best experiences to their customers with the shortest possible turnaround time and a balanced IT budget, harmonizing time-to-market, quality, and innovation with globally distributed, fully integrated teams is critical to success. While many digital platform engineering services (DPES) firms have stepped up to develop next-generation technologies that drive customer engagement, there’s still room for debate about what a business should look for in its DPES vendor’s delivery model, and which best practices to follow.

DPES has been defined by Forrester to include “a wide array of next-generation systems for […] clients, including digital experience platforms, IoT platforms, systems of insight, systems of engagement, eCommerce platforms, and video and media platforms.” EPAM’s DPES white paper explores the necessary best practices in communications, methodologies, testing, QA, and project management to ensure the successful delivery of these systems and platforms.

For more on DPES best practices and how to find the right vendor for your business, download our full white paper now!

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