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Healthcare Trends & Industry Outlook

Patrick Allen

Principal, Healthcare Business Consulting, EPAM US

Himanshu Gupta

Senior Manager, Healthcare Business Consulting, EPAM US

John Meier

Manager, Healthcare Business Consulting, EPAM US
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  • Healthcare

The United States healthcare system is facing a number of shifting market forces and consumer trends that are shaping the industry and the ways in which payors and providers need to evolve to remain competitive.

This Healthcare Trends & Industry Outlook will delve into some of the most pressing issues impacting payors and providers today, including:

In order to succeed in the healthcare industry of tomorrow, a paradigm shift in the way leaders view patient health is required. Providers will need to adopt a business model that provokes community engagement and empowers the patient to take more responsibility in their health. Providers and payors will need to remove interoperability barriers in terms of their patient data usage, population outreach, expanded technology use and risk transition in order to maintain profitability.

To create a sustainable healthcare model that benefits the patient, provider and payor, a central focus must be placed on the innovative solutions and strategic partnership necessary to keep communities healthy and reduce the need for extensive healthcare services.

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