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Closed is Out – Open is In: Crowdsourcing with Open Source

We will build the digital future by investing our time and resources into the most advanced Free and Open Source projects. Better software and better communities are only possible when ideas and contributions are shared so everyone benefits.

With over 1,300 contributors and over 61,000 commits in the public domain, EPAM Systems is one of the leading global product development and digital platform engineering companies in the world, fully committed to the advancement of Free and Open Source Software. We support the free software philosophy and view the open-source approach as a powerful development methodology, inviting collaboration with like-minded developers around the world. We strongly believe in open governance principles and full transparency of the decision making process.

In the past few years, over 30 projects with an impressive 21,000 commits were sponsored by EPAM and made available to the public under a variety of OSI licenses, including GPLv3, ALv2, and MIT. The portfolio spans a number of industry verticals and technologies. Our engineers are also active contributors to a number of well-established free and open source projects, including Linux kernel and Automotive Grade Linux, Xen, Apache BigData ecosystem, and Java platform and web technologies.

We are joining forces with external contributors on the development of world-changing applications in life-science, data science and machine learning, software frameworks and life-cycle management platforms. Please visit to find a project and learn how to join our community. Start contributing today by submitting fixes, new features, documentation and web-content, or by reporting an issue.

Quick Facts


EPAM Contributors


Commits in the Public Domain


Open Source Projects Sponsored by EPAM

EPAM engineers are active contributors to a number of well-established open source projects


    NFS and CIFS tracing, monitoring, capturing and analyzing tool

  • Indigo

    Universal molecular toolkit

  • JDI

    Flexible, easily customizable UI test automation framework

  • DLab

    Toolset for analytics for creating and managing exploratory environments

  • Ketcher

    Web-based chemical structure editor for chemists, laboratory scientists and technicians

  • 3D Molecular Viewer
    3D Molecular Viewer

    Web tool for advanced visualization and manipulation of molecular structures

  • Report Portal
    Report Portal

    A tool that allows testers and stakeholders to manage and view all of their testing results and reports in one place

  • And many more!
    And many more!

    Explore the full range of EPAM open source projects and join our community

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