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Edge AI: Enabling New Revenue Streams for Telcos

Telcos are in a unique position today where they can evolve into adaptive organizations that can quickly anticipate and respond to shifting market dynamics. Having both a deeply established infrastructure and an extensive customer history, telcos that can build off that foundation and go beyond their traditional offerings of cloud, internet and phone service will be able to unlock new revenue streams across several industries and sectors. Here’s how…

5G & Network Slicing

Extensive 5G networks are critical for future communication networks, and end-to-end network slicing is key for unlocking high-value use cases for 5G

Mobile Edge Computing

Edge computing resources that exist today would enable rapid deployment of solutions to locations other companies have difficulty accessing


Real-time decision-making from vast numbers of connected devices on telco networks can empower AI/ML models, and improve autonomous operations 

Robotics & Drones

Advances in robotics open new possibilities for automation, which could greatly improve safety and efficiency across a range of verticals 

Capturing the B2B Growth Opportunity

Public Sector
Energy & Utilities

Combining Edge Computing with 5G to Empower Sustainable Agriculture

Putting these ideas into action, EPAM recently joined a TM Forum Catalyst alongside Telus, Verizon, Red Hat, Evita and CloudBlue to develop an award-winning technical blueprint for configuring and deploying innovative agriculture solutions.

The project leveraged 5G network slicing, mobile edge computing, robotics and AI/ML modelling tailored to three specific use cases: robotic harvesting, autonomous weeding and sensor-based irrigation. 

The blueprint can be easily scaled and deployed by telcos, enabling expansion into the agriculture industry as a one-stop shop for smart agriculture solutions. This enables:

  • New revenue and growth opportunities, like 5G monetization and B2B revenue streams 
  • Extended services with new business applications

A New Model for Sustainable, Smart Farming

A Scalable Blueprint to Drive Precision Agriculture

Utilizing 5G connectivity and intelligent edge computing gives telecoms the opportunity to increase revenue with expansion of services into the agriculture. Making investments in new infrastructure that will reduce operational costs, bring 5G to new customers and increase efficiency for farmers.

Scalable, Intelligent Edge Infrastructure

Increased 5G coverage using drones in rural locations and improved power efficiency using telemetry-aware scheduling at the edge to proactively ensure workload resiliency

Resilient Food Production

Real-time insights and intelligent multi-system orchestration that enable intelligent adaptation to changing weather and soil conditions 

Reduced Water Usage

Fertility maps, SWAT imagery, IoT devices, and moisture sensors that create smart irrigation systems for precision watering 

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Integrated C02 monitoring and AI predictive modelling for more efficient use of resources via data-driven insights 

Affordable, Clean Energy

Telemetry-aware scheduling that increases power efficiency at the edge

Reduced Food Waste

A connected value chain that enables smart harvesting systems to monitor yields share insights 

Smart Weeding

AI driven robotics to reduce pesticide use, increase production output and improve sustainability efforts on existing farmland

Resilient agriculture practices using AI/ML & robotics

With EPAM’s industry expertise, digital capabilities and leading software integration skills, we can help you unlock new business models and revenue opportunities by developing and scaling 5G network slicing, intelligent edge computing and other new technologies — all tailored to your specific business needs and industry applications.


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