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EPAM Smartwatch: Exploring the Untapped Potential of Wearable Technology

  • Retail & Consumer

When it comes to nascent technologies like smartwatches, EPAM is always looking for ways to enhance and innovate products for our clients to provide a more engaging, useful user experience. After exploring the existing capabilities of both Apple and Android smartwatches, EPAM found that there were numerous opportunities to create new and improve upon existing functionality to fill gaps in what’s already offered by leaders in the industry.

EPAM researched and developed multiple prototypes to illustrate the untapped potential of smartwatch capabilities. We did this by creating intuitive functionalities, enabling brands to design and customize more engaging watchfaces, and integrating SAP Hybris eCommerce software to drive e-commerce campaigns right into the wrist of their customers. Watch the video below to see some of these prototypes – and their functionality – in action:

If you’re interested in learning how EPAM could help your brand integrate its applications with wearable technologies and even create your very own custom smartwatch functionality, please contact us today!

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