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Payments Update from EBAday 2018: Watch the FinExtra Interview with Alistair Brown

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On June 12-13 in Munich, Germany, over 1500 attendees from 42 countries met to discuss and share strategies related to the event’s theme, “New Payment Paradigms: Preparing for Global Impact.” One of those attendees was Alistair Brown, Global Head of Payments, EPAM, who sat down with FinExtra to talk about the payments-specific challenges banks and other financial services firms are facing now and in the future.

In the interview, Alistair focuses on the collision that’s happening now between old and new technology, culture and process. “It’s absolutely fascinating how, attitudinally, we’re into a completely different universe of experience,” Alistair says. “It’s lovely, it’s marvelous, it’s the future, but it’s in complete conflict with the traditions of conservative banking – the lack of risk taking, the short-termism, that goes with banking as we know it historically.”

For more on this topic and the nuances of managing your payments strategy across multiple countries and regions, watch the full interview below:

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