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Transforming Customer Experience with the Power of the Cloud

 EPAM’s & AWS Partnership with UK’s Leading Energy Company

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To adapt to the constantly changing industry, a leading energy company in the UK wanted to differentiate itself by transforming its customer experience and offering exciting new features and functionality on the cloud. The client collaborated with AWS, which in turn engaged EPAM in the solution delivery due to our capabilities in driving digital transformation and amplifying AWS industry expertise.


Deliver a customer-centric transformation on AWS cloud

The evolving landscape of enhanced customer expectations, emerging competitors, regulatory demands, smart metering adoption and sustainability goals is driving significant change in the energy sector. One of the most prominent energy companies in the UK was fiercely competing with digital-first energy startups, posing a threat to its market share.

For the company, it was crucial to undergo a strategic business change. This involved implementing advanced technologies to diversify payment channels, establishing a streamlined customer service framework to enhance agent touchpoints and adopting agile processes to ensure service flexibility. Additionally, incorporating predictive analytics and leveraging data-driven insights was instrumental in refining the top-up process for energy procurement. This comprehensive business transformation was essential to not only meet current customer expectations but also to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving market.

The company forged a strategic partnership with AWS, as well as a UK-based energy and utilities software-as-a-service (SaaS) billing and market connectivity solutions provider and a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) platforms. AWS pulled in EPAM, the global leader in digital engineering and software development services, to deliver comprehensive energy and utilities consulting and engineering services for enhanced customer experience.

Together, the team is transforming the experience it provides to its customer with enhanced functionality and features that leverage the power of the cloud.

Project Highlights

Business Analysis
EPAM and AWS conducted comprehensive discovery sessions and high-level architecture planning with the company. We identified a phased approach to start with MVP and innovation driven by data insights to improve the customer experience. Our teams then engaged in multiple process engineering sessions and made a blueprint to manage requirements and create a backlog for the project. This process helped ensure a customer journey-driven approach.
Product Ownership
EPAM implemented agile best practices and methodologies and oversaw agile ceremonies to ensure the project stayed on schedule and on track. Further, we provided agile training and upskilling to give the teams the skills they needed to drive success going forward.
Energy & Utilities Consulting
EPAM and AWS provided end-to-end energy and utilities domain consulting, program planning and strategy to enable a successful rollout. Our team defined enterprise architecture requirements and conducted feasibility studies on 
the website UX, mobile app and CRM platforms to identify areas 
for improvement.
Engineering Services
EPAM is developing meter-to-cash and market communication features on AWS, the energy SaaS platform and the CRM system to support 
the company’s prepayment customers. Additionally, we implemented comprehensive 
testing services, including automated and manual testing.
Architecture Build
EPAM and AWS defined and built the architecture for various industry-specific customer journeys by integrating an energy SaaS platform, CRM system, customer portal and app. We also defined APIs and orchestrated integrations for interactions spanning payments, CRM, billing and marketing communications to drive a better customer experience.
Business Readiness
EPAM and AWS collaborated with the customer support, back office and field engineering teams to understand daily business procedures and the changes required after launching new customer journeys. We assessed the business impacts and prioritized training needs for several teams to enable these customer journeys.
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Partnering with EPAM was pivotal in catalyzing our successful digital transformation for a leading energy utility in the UK. With their multifaceted consulting acumen, strong business analysis, extensive technology expertise and unwavering engineering diligence, EPAM skillfully guided our journey toward driving innovation and achieving excellence in program execution.

Ankur Agarwal
Customer Strategy and Architecture - Data & AI/ML Lead, AWS


The EPAM team demonstrated an amazingly proactive, one-team attitude and fully aligned with the culture of our customer, showcasing a willingness to adapt and employ flexible ways of working.

Sarah Moorman
Enterprise Service Manager – UK/Ireland
AWS Professional Services

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The new digital platform on AWS cloud provides an enhanced customer experience and superior services for the energy leader in the following ways:

    • Driving diverse customer journeys by supporting in-life interactions, including multiple payment channels and offboarding

    • Expanding the current CRM and data platforms to accommodate a wide range of reporting requirements to enhance the customer support experience

    • Providing a multifaceted payment capability, including IVR, web-based, mobile app-based, vouchers and over-the-counter options to empower customers to ensure uninterrupted electricity or gas supply in times of need
    • Enabling customer service agents to better serve its clients through a predictive journey-driven approach

    • Enabling more self-service options 
through a user-friendly customer portal 
and mobile app, reducing the reliance on customer service teams and improving 
the digital experience for traditional and 
smart-metered customers
    • Enabling advanced features like predictive automatic payment schedules based on usage patterns and remaining balances



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