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Governance, Compliance and Digital Risk Management Services

An effective governance, compliance and digital risk management strategy is the key to reducing overall organizational risk against cyber threats. Implementing and continually testing and improving the right cybersecurity procedures, policies, staff training, and tooling ensures your organization’s preparedness and resilience against the evolving threat of cyberattacks.  

Our risk management experts align and integrate comprehensive offensive and defensive security services with your specific policies, compliance standards and corporate goals. By looking at security problems holistically and aligning with executive level goals and oversight, we make it harder for nefarious actors to attack your business and help you stay several steps ahead of them.

Our Governance, Compliance and Digital Risk Management Services



Secure Remote Workplace


EPAM’s Remote Safely solution addresses the security challenges of remote work by replacing the traditional ODC with a secure Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) which brings Zero Trust methodologies right up to the chair. Remote Safely is a collaboration between EPAM and Princeton Identity, a global leader in biometric identity management. Using a combination of hardware, software and artificial intelligence (AI) learning technologies it enables remote work on sensitive client and corporate data no matter the location. This ensures a higher level of security, as well as accountability—more effectively mitigating the risk of cyberattacks and data breaches.


Security Policy Creation & Review


Our digital risk management (DRM) and governance risk and compliance (GRC) experts can design and review custom cybersecurity controls, policies, training and strategies to help your company ensure preparedness and resilience against the evolving cyber threatscape. We align business priorities with the necessary technology and the best industry practices to address cyber risks, reduce the odds of a breach and mitigate the collateral damage of an attack. We can create or review cybersecurity policies, including an incident response plan and reporting processes, evaluate existing security tools and controls, and offer a technical roadmap to further strengthen IT defenses. We provide you with the essential guidance and framework to make necessary, informed decisions that will continually harden your security posture. 


GRC Enterprise Integration


There are many advantages in efficiency and cost savings from implementing a modern, enterprise solution. Convenient intelligent automation enables your GRC staff to focus on improving risk visibility and mitigations, leaving the new system to handle manual, labor-intensive audit processes. However, replacing a legacy GRC system or adding a new one will create wide-scoping organizational transformation, requiring considerable resources and expertise. Our GRC experts can facilitate a smooth migration process, as we regularly steer organizations through the inherent challenges within a Digital Risk Management (DRM) transformation. We empower organizations to address evolving compliance needs, cybersecurity, privacy, and third-party risks, and expedite decision making through advanced reporting and analytics. We’re a trusted implementation partner for the top enterprise GRC solutions including MetricStream, OneTrust, ServiceNow, Riskonnect and CyberSaint.

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