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trust over tools how to stop misinterpreting consumer desires

Trust Over Tools: How to Stop Misinterpreting Consumer Desires

trust over tools how to stop misinterpreting consumer desires

Trust Over Tools: How to Stop Misinterpreting Consumer Desires

According to EPAM Continuum’s Consumer Banking Report, the branch network still plays a vital role in the lives of U.S. banking customers. But, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues, banks and customers have had to adapt. So how can banks maintain, strengthen and create trust with clients via digital channels?

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear a panel of industry experts address the following questions:

  • How can banks better serve and better target their customers’ need for social interaction? Can digital channels and modern conversational interfaces replace or supplement interaction via physical branches?
  • Is the traditional banking app’s time over? Have digital banking apps under-delivered, and what comes next?
  • What role does trust play in deciding to decrease, increase or even repurpose physical branches?
  • Is low adoption for neobanking a sign of poor trust or lack of different value propositions in the sector?
  • Where should banks be looking to capitalize and deliver the next generation of banking services?

Our Speakers

Gary Wright

Head of Research, Finextra [Moderator]

Gary is the Head of Research for Finextra, the leading multimedia and content platform for the financial services industry. He leads the debate on the next generation of banking innovation, industry initiatives, global trends and new business models. Prior to Finextra, he worked for The Royal Bank of Scotland in many senior roles in global transaction services.

Panos Archondakis

Global Head of Banking & Wealth Management, EPAM

Panos is responsible for shaping and developing EPAM’s strategy for banking and wealth management, tailoring the company’s services and solutions specifically for the industry. Panos also works directly with clients to customize their business models, develop digital strategy and lead multi-disciplinary solution teams.

Carmen Podgurschi

Global Payments, Wells Fargo Treasury Services

Carmen is a dynamic, results-oriented Transaction Services leader specializing in Cross Border Payments. She is passionate about improving the end-to-end customer experience, with focus on digital transformation, enhancing existing and building new payment rails, developing insights through analytics, and automating processes and workflows. Carmen leads USD commercial cross-border payments at Wells Fargo, after successfully driving Transaction Services products and initiatives at Citi in cross border payments, strategy, sales and building and growing consumer credit cards digital acquisitions.

Brad Scrivner

President and CEO, Vast Bank

Brad is the President and CEO of Vast Bank. Since 2012, he has been responsible for running all facets of the organization.

Before joining Vast Bank, Brad served as Market President (Tulsa) for Kansas City-based UMB Bank. His pathway into financial services, however, is anything but normal. He began his career as a System & Design Engineer at a nuclear plant, but eventually transitioned into Consultative Sales with Xerox and then Merrill Lynch. This unique background has Scrivner well-positioned to lead Vast Bank in a time where the banking industry is experiencing massive transformation.


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