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EPAM Expert Discusses the Challenges of Remote Work with TechStrong TV

TechStrong TV with Alan Shimel 

In this interview, TechStrong TV and EPAM’s Jitin Agarwal talk about some of the biggest challenges clients face in remote work scenarios and how to effectively manage this new normal post pandemic. Some of the key areas of discussion include,

  • Security. How to maintain compliance and ensure data or intellectual property is safe.
  • Reliability. The importance of agility and how to manage processes responsibly for borderless collaboration.
  • Productivity. Using metrics to understand the output employees deliver is being managed effectively through remote, distributed teams.

Alan Shimel

Alan Shimel is a speaker on TechStrong TV and is attuned to the world of technology, particularly cloud, DevOps, security and open source. Shimel is an often-cited personality in the security and technology community and is a sought-after speaker at industry and government conferences and events.

The original video can be found here.