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The Path to Greater Profits | Jason Peterson, CFO, EPAM

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CFO Thought Leadership podcast

The Path to Greater Profits | Jason Peterson, CFO, EPAM

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Jason Peterson recently joined CFO Thought Leadership podcast to discuss his career journey and how it’s prepared him for his current finance leadership role at EPAM.

When asked about his early experiences, he recalled an early lesson he received not from a controller, FP&A leader, or CFO, but from a group of engineers.

“Oftentimes, people in the finance function would say, ’Engineers! They don’t care about the business. They don’t really want to drive revenues, and they don’t care how much things cost. They just want to produce an elegant solution,’” explains Peterson, who says that there finally came a day when he decided to turn his back on the finance team’s conventional wisdom regarding engineers and begin to supply the engineering team with more management numbers.

As a result of his efforts to educate engineers, he was able to drive down the company’s “bill of materials” costs while improving the gross margins on multiple products.

Today, as CFO of EPAM Systems, Peterson appears to have this early lesson top-of-mind as he seeks to increase awareness across the organization of what impacts profitability.

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