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A New Cloud Foundation Delivers Business Advantages for Equifax

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A New Cloud Foundation Delivers Business Advantages for Equifax

Equifax recently made a move to the cloud—a transformation enabling the company to develop innovative data-driven products and services that help its customers live their financial best.

Equifax engaged Google Cloud partner EPAM Systems to build a data “fabric” that would enable Equifax to organize its disparate, legacy data sources into a single, seamless structure while still keeping all critical governing and separation measures in place. While rewriting Equifax’s legacy systems to be cloud native would normally take years, EPAM successfully transformed Equifax’s mainframe application in less than one year. With EPAM’s help, Equifax is creating a valuable platform for developing modern, cloud-based applications, products, and services.

“Developing on Google Cloud allows us to innovate faster, to test out new ideas in a way that is more agile,” explains Cecilia Mao, Chief Product Officer at Equifax.

Working with Google Cloud and EPAM, Equifax can now give businesses faster access to its data. Not only does this help Equifax’s B2B customers make faster, more-informed business decisions, but it also enables them to deliver other business results that ultimately benefit consumers. For example, lenders can improve the quality of their data, avoid credit surprises, reduce the potential for overextending credit, and enhance their own reputation in the marketplace.

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