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Communication with Care

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Healthcare Business Today – by George Litos

Communication with Care

New technology typically is met with equal parts excitement and redundancy, the most notable example being the mRNA vaccines. In an age of rapid medical and theological inventions, the consumer can be overwhelmed by all the noise, unable to cut through the walls of news and drama. Unlike other technologies, the spotlight on companies that manufacture these vaccines have become household names.

Some welcome these and see them as a pre-requisite to combat a once in a century virus while others are skeptical or require further evidence before buying in. An effective consumer-based marketing and communication strategy needs to place the patient at the center of healthcare services, speaking to their hesitancy and concerns rather than speaking at or over them. Moreover, by using a multifaceted approach to communication that deploys personable messaging and utilizes two-way communication channels – like social media – medical professionals will encourage consumers to take advantage of the modern medicine available. 

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