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Personalization Across Channels: Start With an Outside-In Perspective

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Personalization Across Channels: Start With an Outside-In Perspective

Currently the global head of partnerships at content management system vendor Contentstack, Peter Fogelsanger has noticed over the years that many companies aren’t willing to be experimental enough to update their marketing technology strategy. He supports a more personalized approach for the consumer. For example, someone who already owns your most important product may not like getting constantly bombarded with emails and banner ads for what they already own.

“If you think about many of the brands you are familiar with, the digital experience and marketing approach they take is for the biggest segment and the most important product. Of course, there are very legitimate reasons they are doing this, especially if their strategy and martech stack is older and expensive monolithic tools. But I’d argue in 2021 this may be doing more harm than good,” Fogelsanger said.

In this article, Neal Prescott of EPAM Systems joins Peter Fogelsanger of Contentstack to discuss Personalization and the Omnichannel Holy Grail.

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