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Xen Project Ships Version 4.15 with Focus on Broader Accessibility, Performance, and Security

The Linux Foundation

The Xen Project, an open-source hypervisor hosted at the Linux Foundation, today announced the release of Xen Project Hypervisor 4.15, which introduces a variety of features allowing for improved performance, security and device pass-through reliability. The Xen Project community continues to be active and engaged, with a wide range of developers from many companies and organizations contributing to this latest release. Additionally, community-wide initiatives, including Functional Safety, VirtIO for Xen and Xen RISC-V port, continue to make valuable progress.

“The Xen Project continues to make great progress in areas of documentation systematization, implementation of defensive programming guidelines, such as MISRA, and support of VirtIO on Arm as a standardized I/O virtualization framework,” said Alex Agizim, CTO, Automotive & Embedded, EPAM Systems. “Leveraging the open-source Xen-based framework, EPAM’s automotive team is helping design safety-focused solutions for our clients. Further, as one of the leaders in Xen’s FuSa SiG, we’re excited to see what the future brings, as vehicles become more seamlessly integrated with the connected services ecosystem.”

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