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Digital Report: Prioritising Innovation & Inclusion

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Digital Report: Prioritising Innovation & Inclusion

Driving innovation into the metaverse

Erica Moreti, Head of Strategy and Innovation at EPAM Continuum, explores how the metaverse is driving the next generation of the internet and where today’s potential growth opportunities are. The metaverse is being built today, piece by piece to connect people, help them work, learn, and play. While it may take several years for the metaverse to fully come to fruition, early-stage investment opportunities are emerging as the metaverse evolves.

According to Moreti, telcos can continue to focus on their core business offerings while expanding into both the physical and digital world. “Metaverse could perhaps be the best use case for monetization of 5G, bringing low latency networks seamlessly into your everyday life. If telcos can provide the speed and capacity for virtual reality and augmented reality applications, they will soon be able to support in creating virtual worlds. As 5G (and the ever closer 6G) continue to evolve, this level of connectivity is essential to drive next generation connectivity and enable the future of the metaverse.”

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