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‘It’s Time for a New Model Agency’: As B2B Expands Its Horizons, What Needs to Change?

The Drum – by Sam Anderson

As competition heats up in B2B, leaders in the space are expecting growth and shifting shape. We sat down with nine bigwigs, including the major independents vying for pole position, to ask what must change as B2B shifts gears.

Barbara Bottini, Managing Principal, Experience Consulting, EPAM

We need to think about value exchange: what proposition, apart from messaging, is going to make your client better off? How are you going to make people more intellectually stimulated, more entertained, more educated? Think about value exchange along the lines of experience design and customer journeys.

Modern marketing, whether it’s B2B or B2C, is not only about what we do as an output, but also how we do it. It’s as important to enable our clients to do their marketing better as it is about reimagining their brands, campaigns and content.

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