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Modernize your Oracle workloads to PostgreSQL with Database Migration Service, Now in Preview

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Google Blog – by Shachar Guz

Modernize your Oracle workloads to PostgreSQL with Database Migration Service, Now in Preview

Many organizations have been struggling with the complexity of their legacy databases. Unfortunately, they often find themselves locked into expensive licenses and restrictive contracts, which can limit their ability to modernize and introduce new functionality. Migrating to open-source databases, especially in the cloud, can solve many of these issues and help build modern, scalable, cost-effective applications.

By working closely with experts from Google Professional Services and experienced migration partners, we help make sure you have access to the expertise and experience you need to facilitate successful migrations across your database fleet. From guidance on migration planning to turnkey end-to-end migrations, the combination of Database Migration Service and partner services can ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.

“We see tremendous demand from our customers for migrating away from proprietary databases onto cloud database technologies”, says David Yahalom, Managing Principal, Cloud Data Solutions at EPAM Systems. “One of the key success factors in application modernization is real-time continuous data replication within a heterogeneous database environment. Real-time data replication enables near-zero and zero downtime production switchovers while maintaining data integrity. We are very excited about the addition of Oracle to PostgreSQL migration support in Database Migration Service and believe it will be of great value to our customers. It will enable us to streamline database cloud migration initiatives to Google Cloud.”

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