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Why Industry Experts Recommend Tabletop Cybersecurity Exercises

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Security Magazine – by Boris Khazin

Why Industry Experts Recommend Tabletop Cybersecurity Exercises

Cyberattacks, ransomware and corporate data exfiltration by nefarious actors are frequent headlines affecting major companies from around the world. Are organizations truly prepared for a cyberattack? Simply having a cybersecurity incident response (IR) plan is no longer enough to protect organizations. The IR plan and IR team’s actions are only theoretical until thorough testing, and further refinement is done. Industry experts strongly recommend running a tabletop cybersecurity exercise multiple times per year. Practice makes perfect, and the result is a more resilient response when it matters most — a real cyberattack.

The goal of a tabletop cybersecurity exercise is to evaluate your organizational IR plan and IR team’s reaction to a cyberattack through a verbal exercise — offering practice for your IT team against an attack without the risk of causing any actual interruption to business. It allows for the discovery of any gaps in the IR plan. Tabletop exercises are best when the cyberattack scenario is realistic, based on the business, its assets, tooling and vulnerabilities, and the assets a malicious actor might target. It’s essential to have a plan based on a thorough understanding of the business, its risks and the attacks that’ll affect it.

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