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Cloud-Native Roadblocks: Why Aren't You Leaving Legacy Database Systems?

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Cloud-Native Roadblocks: Why Aren't You Leaving Legacy Database Systems?

Knowing a piece of technology inside out allows you to use and avail of its advantages effectively. However, there comes a point when it's time to abandon older technologies. Your technological choices should change along with paradigm shifts.

"Cloud-Native"—a term that refers to applications built on top of open-source platforms and cloud providers—is a new way of thinking about building modern applications.

In the past, when building an application from scratch, developers went through different steps, like migrating from one language to another or migrating from one application platform to another. With cloud-native applications, you make a big leap forward by skipping all those steps and moving directly into the cloud.

As we delve deeper into the world of cloud computing, many institutions are considering switching from their existing database systems to better cloud-native ones. Yet there is still a lot of confusion about what "cloud-native " means and how it can be applied.

To answer these questions, on 17th November 2022, C-Vision International hosted the CIO Virtual Council in partnership with EPAM systems and Google Cloud. In this virtual council, the moderator Michael Hiskey, Chief Strategy Officer from The Cybersecurity Gatebreakers Foundation, and three other luminaries had an insightful discussion on the topic: "Cloud Native Roadblocks: Why Aren't You Leaving Legacy Database Systems?"

The panel tackled three main questions in the virtual council: what a cloud-native database system is, how it is different from cloud-hosted and cloud-managed database systems, and why companies are considering migrating towards it.

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